Apprentices at work

“I got to sit in on sessions a lot and work really closely with my first mentor Bryan Carlstrom (Tranzformer Studios) before he passed away last year — he left behind a great legacy. My second mentor and I didn’t have the greatest connection chemistry-wise, but he was a great teacher and a very knowledgeable guy. My third and final mentor, Matt Cunliffe, showed me all kinds of things, new techniques, and dig mixes. His personality is just great. I still have a lot to learn, but I know this is a good start. One day I’d like to set up my own home studio.”
– Chris Zouen, Northridge, CA

“Things have been great so far with me and my mentor we’re on lesson 13 now learning about signal processing, dynamics, gates, compressors, limiters and such. I’ve been going in every now and then to sit in and watch him do sessions with artists as well. Next lesson I’ll be bringing in an artist that I know to record a song from beginning to end as my mentor assists me with engineering the track.”
– Don Surratt, North Royalton, OH

“The coolest part for me was being able to work on real music in a studio which isn’t the same as working on my music at home.”
– Leonardo Cha cin, Tega Cay, SC

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