Film connection graduate pitches his feature film!


A follow-up on Dominic Matich

For one week in Albany New York, Dominic got the opportunity to get some real-life, hands-on experience working in the film industry alongside director Jon Russell Cring and his wife Tracey. Together, they introduced Dominic to the band that they are working on a music video with.

Later, they met with several producers and investors for their upcoming projects, including the feature film “This is Nowhere”. During his stay he was also able to learn some editing on Adobe Premiere 7. Tracey and Jon stated that Dominic is truly a natural and they are even giving him credit on the project which he assisted editing on.

Tracy Nichole Cring hooked me up by transcribing a short synopsis of my script Sharptop as I pitched it!

“It’s a Coming of age story about a gang member who wants to change his life. Sharptop is about an 18 year old with kidney disease who decides he has nothing left to lose and turns to a life of crime and fast money. On a robbery, he accidentally steals a DVD that has footage of a rape. The victim on the DVD is a sixteen year old gun man, who’s been paid to kill him. Sharptop has to decide to save his enemy or face off. Like, Training Day meets Juice meets Trainspotting.”


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