Getting in the mix of things with Jessy Otero at Stepbridge Studio

Things are really going well for Jessy at Stepbridge Studio (Santa Fe, NM) with Edgard Rivera. He is almost done with the program and is currently on lesson 18. The program Jessy is involved in he has been focusing on 1.) lots of tracking 2.) playing drums from the drummers POV and from the Producers POV. He likes to get perspectives from all different sides of the spectrum.

Edgard is kind enough to let Jessy work directly with the clients and artists as they come in and out of the studio. He is mainly focusing on working hands on at the studio and applying the information into real world situations while retaining those teachings. Edgard even helped Jessy create his own mini studio at Stepbridge with the equipment Jessy bought in. Jessy likes to make mixes at home and then work on those tracks with Edgard at the studio. He also has three EP tracks which are already out; he is currently working on some new ones as well.

Jessy is soaking up all the information and teachings he is learning from Edgard and absorbing them like a sponge. At Stepbridge, Edgard and Jessy mainly focus on working with: 1.) Blues, 2.) Solo Artists, 3.) Acoustic, 4.) Alternative Rock, 5.) Metal – His band recorded a Metal track there, 6.) Jazz, 7.) Rap, 8.) EDM, 9.) Real Drums.

Jessy is a drummer by trade. On his latest track, he attached an electronic to acoustic conversion to a drum kit to make a more electronic sound. Edgard is helping Jessy with translating that information to ProTools and with mixing those tracks.

Edgard is very much committed to Jessy as his number one fan. So far, Jessy is making the most out of the program and is taking advantage of the hands on portion. He works best learning from trial and error and if he fails, he keeps trying until he succeeds. Recently, Jessy placed his band into a Battle of the Band contest and they won! They also opened up for a couple bands at a local spot called the, “Launch Pad” in Albuquerque.

Jessy’s goals for after graduating the program consist of either opening up his own studio or work in a studio.

Story by Samantha Adler, edited by Britney Tobin

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