Recording Mentor, Ben Franklin, releases his self-titled album: “Benjamin Franklin”

This Valentine’s Day weekend, Recording Mentor Ben Franklin from Phoenix, AZ will be releasing his own record produced and mastered through Tall Cat Studios.

“My favorite thing about being a mentor is being able to share my experience with those who are trying to take their experience to the next level. It’s a beautiful thing. I was able to have that experience as a young individual in music when a good friend of mine, Skip, brought me into his studio.”

With his self-titled album, “Ben Franklin” Ben is bringing an R&B Pop Soul similar to John Legend and D’Angelo with an early 90’s feel.

The album will be available for free download on facebook release, soundcloud and

“I’m doing this new thing where I’m producing tracks for people who don’t have the means to work with a top notch producer or studio, and provide beats that are affordable – it’s bringing back the culture of being a recording engineer.”

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