Flying Monkeys – The Future of Entertainment

Sam Levine at Flying Monkeys Entertainment talks about the where he thinks today’s entertainment is headed. 

Sam Levine reminds us that transmedia is the current trend paving the way for all kinds of films. As far as content goes, what we watch will remain pretty much the same as in recent years but how we watch it — that’s what’s changing. We have entered a digital age that’s now about democratizing how we get our entertainment-fix. There’s no doubt that quality films, shorts, and shows will always find a way. As the audience, choose the means by which we get our entertainment (Netflix, Hulu, Tivo, Apple TV) we vote up the content we want to see. As Levine puts it, “Content is finding its audience.”

On the phenomenon of viral videos:

Levine was asked “How real is real?” when it comes to the numbers that stack up for viral videos. “How do viral videos “go viral” and are they truly organic forms of content?

Levine replied saying viral videos are generally not organic in the way most people think. He gave the example “David at the Dentist” as a true organic viral video. And from the media’s perspective (or from a producer’s standpoint) to be considered a true YouTube celebrity, you won’t get far with 10,000 or even 50,000 views. You aren’t big time until your views have reached over 500,000.

When asked, “How did you get to where you are today?” Levine said it was actually pretty easy, “At first I was scared, but I opened my mouth and instead of getting fired, I got a job.” His advice: “You have to be prepared to lose.”

He went on to explain that the paths to becoming a producer vary. Some people become staff writers on shows or films and eventually working their way up to becoming showrunners and producers. “It’s all about toughing it out in the system that you choose to work in. If you’re willing to go the distance, you will get results.”

Currently, Flying Monkeys Entertainment is working on the film Ghost Team One for Paramount. The production company also has two webseries are in development and they recently jumped on the Kickstarter bandwagon by helping a writer realize his Kickstarter goal. Next month, they will start work on two feature films.

The Flying Monkeys are constantly in production, working on at least one film or project per month. Flying Monkey Productions finds home for content, signs talent and manages and oversees companies such as Stillwell Productions in Canada.

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