Miami Flavor — Fabian Camacho Spices it Up at Miami Recording

Fabian Camacho, producer and mentor at Miami Recording recently helped graduate Joshua Zayas score a gig working for Waka Flocka full-time. The producer believes in putting his apprentices first when he’s working with them. His top priority is making sure they’re comfortable and are learning at steady pace that’s easy to digest. It’s what he calls a “no force” approach, saying he allows and guides the student through the process of learning on their own or in their own way.

In Recording Connection’s curriculum, lessons 1-4, what Fabian calls “The Science of Music Making,” are among his favorite to teach. Sure, newbie beginners might not be big fans of the first four lessons at first, but to Fabian they’re crucial. As newbies become seasoned apprentices, those first few lessons serve as the foundation of everything that goes into mastering all the various hands-on applications. Build a sound foundation and you’re well ahead of the rest.

When Fabian heard his former student Josh Zayas was offered the gig with Waka Flocka, he was truly touched. You can tell the mentor/producer takes pride in teaching his apprentices.

Current projects for Fabian Camacho have him spending time in the Bay Area where he’s working with House Money Entertainment. He’s even considering branching out to Los Angeles to help spice up the flavor of the West Coast recording industry.

Fabian’s estimated cost for a 2 song demo runs $1000 minimum. Price includes putting the songs onto a physical disc (hard drive or traditional CD format). It takes roughly 2 hours per song to lay the track, at a cost of $150 per hour. Discs, cases, and minimal distribution cost approximately $400-500 more.

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