Open Call for Pensado’s Place Winners


Donny Baker of Open Call Productions spoke with us about some current developments and projects they have going on at the studio. Last year Donny had the opportunity to work with Matthew McConaughey on the music for the hit blockbuster of the century – for the ladies – Magic Mike. In 2013, Donny also had the chance to hook up with T-Boz and Chili from TLC to work on their documentary. Also, during the week of February 6, Aaron Carter visited the studio to start working on his new album!

This year, Donny and wife JoAnn have been working on expanding their studio and getting an analog system in Studio A, aka “the world before ProTools.” They’re looking to bring in bigger and better clients for years to come. “It’s a growing process,” they say. They’ve also expanded two new rooms just for Recording Connection students equipped with tools for them to use.

On the topic of Donny’s apprentices, Jesse Rhodes-Gonzalses is now working as Donny’s head engineer and has four songs coming out on “Girl House” this spring. Meanwhile, apprentice Skyler Felix just worked on Disney’s, “Shake it Up” and as a full-fledged music editor no doubt.

As for new and potential apprentices, Donny interviewed with Peter Dewitt this week, first round winner of the Pensado’s Place Sweepstakes. We are looking forward to tracking Peter’s musical successes during his Recording Connection journey. Speaking of the Peter, Baker says, “He’s cool super-talented guy and I’m looking forward to working with him!”

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