Cameell Hanna, EDM mentor, talks mentorship and music production at Serenity West recording studio

This week we spoke with Cameell Hanna of Serenity West Recording Studio in Los Angeles about his overall experience as a mentor and studio owner.

This week has been their first relaxed week since the two-month long Grammy madness. “It’s a busy studio season, so we did book lots of sessions during that time including Frank Ocean and Glee cast vocals,” says Cameell. “All of the vocals you hear on Glee – those are all done by us.”

What does it cost to master a demo or track?
“There many factors that go into the price of developing a master recording or a demo. The producer is influenced by the amount of recording time involved as well as the staff that will need to be involved as well as things less tangible like how popular they are as a music creator. Generally the artist will negotiate a flat rate with the artist for a finished master. Demo’s on the other hand tend to be inexpensive and for the most part are done at smaller production rooms. They are more an extension of the writing process and serve as a good approximation of what the songs core elements are.”

On being a mentor with Recording Connection:
“Tony Sano is a perfect example of the incredibly talented people we’ve been blessed to work with in the program. Tony is an actor, had a bond like run as a professional gambler and is an accomplished pianist and composer. Each of the apprentices are stars in their own right and are coming from their own special places as music makers.”

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