Dolce Films – Bringing new meaning to the words “Film Connection”

Film Connection mentors Daniel Lir and his wife/partner in crime, Bayou Bennett, recently took on a new student, Youp, an aspiring filmmaker from Texas who says he couldn’t be happier with his experience thus far.
“Yesterday evening, Daniel and Bayou actually came down to surprise visit me where I live!! We had a long discussion and I think I am pretty much overjoyed with the mentors you paired me up with. I could not ask for better ones. They really are incredibly talented, nice and beyond knowledgeable when it comes to film. They liked my art work so I am now doing the entire storyboarding for their new music video. Which they are shooting next Saturday — I am allowed to help!!

“At 1:30 I am going down to Sunset Blvd for the first time to help Daniel and Bayou out at East West studios. It’s unreal!”

Daniel and Bayou run Dolce Films in the Echo Park neighborhood of Los Angeles. Together, they have worked on many projects for the fashion, commercial, film, and music industries, including Diddy’s “Press Play”, and the Adidas commercial “Pick Up the Ball, Son”. Check out Dolce Productions at

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