Radio Connection Apprentice Maryam Shepardson Connects with Radio Station

After being placed with mentor Butch Grimes at We Talk Radio, Maryam Shepardson is on her way to making success happen for her in the radio broadcasting industry.

This week, we had the wonderful opportunity to connect Maryam with Dale LeAke and the up-and-coming Los Angeles radio station Maryam is looking to be working full-time even before she even finishes the Radio Connection program!

Mind you, Maryam is no beginner to the field. She has an impressive hosting reel and even some prior experience in the world of radio which includes hosting her own channel a few years ago.

“I was in the studio yesterday afternoon until evening, and wow, I’m so excited to be working with Dale and her team. They are awesome! Watching and learning all of this stuff is amazing!!”
– Maryam Shepardson

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