Recording apprentice Tyler Rodgers gets hired by Mentor

Recording Connection apprentice Tyler Rodgers is quickly moving up in the audio engineering field. Just recently, his hard work started paying off when he landed a paid job with his mentor, Jay Dudt of Audible Images in Pittsburgh.
“Things are going great at Audible Images,” says Tyler. “I’ve been coming into the studio 4-5 days a week and have been involved with setting up and taking down equipment, handling the input balance on audio interfaces during sessions, adjusting mic placement on drums, guitars, and vocals, adjusting signal flow in the patch bay, and have briefly overseen sessions several times.”

Tyler says the studio has also begun entrusting him with responsibilities beyond just his audio skills, including dealing with clients and handling check deposits. “A reality I have come to
understand is that the recording studio, and really the music business as a whole, is a business first, then everything else,” Tyler says. “Communication skills and understanding how finances
[are handled] are equally as important as running sessions and editing audio.”

Tyler’s consistent involvement at the studio recently evolved into a paid job at Audible Images as an assistant. “I was told by my mentor himself that I have been the first student ever from
the Recording Connection to receive a paycheck from his studio,” he says. “I know that is big news and really drives home the values and what the RRF stands for. In other words, I think
I’m doing the right things that can lead to a full time job.”

RRF career services is working currently working closely with Tyler to get him more opportunities once he graduates. He plans to move forward with his career by relocating to Los Angeles.

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