Film Connection graduate Ian McCamant pitches scripts to Hollywood

Over the past few weeks, Film Connection alumnus Ian McCamant has been working with his new LA manager on sprucing up his scripts to pitch them to Hollywood.

Ian describes meeting his manager and what has been happening since.

“I met him in Hollywood while I was out and about, and we exchanged business cards. The next time we met up, I showed him my thesis film from college. He liked it so much that he asked to see some of my scripts. He checked those out and ever since he’s been helping me tighten them up to get ready to pitch to producers and some of the contacts I’ve made out here so far. My manager has really helped push me in the direction of other writing jobs and opportunities.”

Ian and his manager are currently streamlining the plot elements and filling in the grey areas of his script “The End of History.” They’re gearing up for a second-round pitch to producer Evan Atrowsky (Cabin Fever, Fanboys), as well as shopping the script in other places.

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