Marco Mall of Florida Film House talks projects and apprentices

Film Connection mentor Marco Mall of Florida Film House lent us a few minutes of his time to talk to us about some of the studio’s recent projects and to brag a bit about one of his students– Anca Valeanu.

Marco taught Anca using his own side-by-side teaching method, allowing her to sit in with him during important studio budgeting sessions as well as production meetings. She was very driven and very proactive in her studies. Through Marco, Anca learned how to write and assess agreements, schedule (AD work), and all of the tasks associated with line producing such as securing location agreements. Thanks to all this, Anca can now say that she is a REAL, WORKING PRODUCER in Miami. She co-produced a film called A Miami Love Story and will be assistant producing an upcoming feature called The Brick (yes, it’s about drugs).

Marco’s other current or recent projects include a film with P.Diddy, Jadakiss and Rick Ross called Let the Games Begin, as well as music videos for T-Pain, T.I., Lil Wayne, and even more recently, a reunion of The Backstreet Boys.

Check out all of Marco’s work at Florida Film House.

Shot from “Dolphins Training Camp” by Florida Film House
Shot from “Dolphins Training Camp”
by Florida Film House

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