Mentor Steve Carmichael of Radiant3 takes a Hands-on Approach with Apprentices

Steve Carmichael of Radiant3 Productions in Atlanta, GA has been a mentor for the Film Connection for about three years now. He likes to go above and beyond the “book work” and bring students into all aspects of the real world of filmmaking. Carmichael takes the “road less traveled” by incorporating field trips into the process, taking his students to places like the local rental houses to give them the real-life experience of checking out equipment
and seeing how different cameras work. When apprentices want some extra help looking for equipment, he will make suggestions and even accompany them to pick out something of quality.

Steve makes a point of tailoring his hands-on approach to the students’ interests, and even using those opportunities to teach others. When one of his newer apprentices, Brendan Anderson, expressed an interest in utilizing green screens, he helped him out by setting him up to use one in the studio, and even invited some of his other apprentices to come in and learn a bit more about the process.

Speaking of the Film Connection apprentices, Steve can’t help bragging about them once in awhile. He says his apprentice Brian Kemppainen is one of the most brilliant script writers he’s ever met.

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