Recording Connection mentor Joey Stuckey made Lead Designer for Sports Hall of Fame Audio Tour

Joey Stuckey, Recording Connection mentor at Shadow Sound Studio in Atlanta, recently completed sound design and original recorded music for the official audio tour for the Georgia Sports Hall of Fame. Even though such audio tours have become commonplace for art museums and various tourist attractions, this entry into the realm of sports history and memorabilia is poised to become the next big thing in attractions of this kind.

The Georgia Sports Hall of Fame audio tour, designed by Joey Stuckey, consists of three parts: an audio introduction to each major exhibit on the self-guided tour, audio from Hall of Fame inductees highlighting key chapters in their careers, and a special tour for the visually impaired that brings to life things that can’t be experienced by the blind. Accessed via cellphone, this tour is one that is as easy to use as it is interesting and informative. Being visually impaired himself, Stuckey believes designing an audio tour that really captivates the listener and evokes the senses is a superb use of his talents:

As the owner, producer and sound engineer of Shadow Sound and a blind person myself, this last part was my idea and something I am very proud of” 

Stuckey brought Recording Connection apprentice Nate Corson on board to assist in putting a it all together.

We went on location to the Sports Hall of Fame to record the inductees, then returned to the studio to edit, add a short music cue at the beginning and end of each audio prompt, and then did some mastering. We then had to resample the files at 2200 HZ and 8-bit for the project to sound right over the cell phone. Nate is a great student and was of great assistance during the process—helping to set up mics, set levels, shepherd the guests, edit and re-sample. I look forward to great things from this young man!””

As far as his role with the Recording Connection, the mentor says: I love this program so much, this is by far the best concept out of all the other [colleges].”

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