Aaron Patrick Lenyear’s Pitch to Hollywood is a TOUCHDOWN!

This week at the Film Connection headquarters in Los Angeles, screenwriter Aaron Patrick Lenyear (Atlanta, GA) pitched his idea to Hollywood! … And guess what? Hollywood wanted more!


The day before the pitch, the Film Connection Student Services team met with Lenyear to help him perfect his pitch for his feature film script “Sideline,” and prepare his answers to the various questions that might come his way.

Logline: Sideline is the story of a high school football player who struggles with his Antisocial Personality Disorder while trying to maintain his performance on the field, as well as a new romantic relationship.

The following day, Lenyear met with Evan Astrowsky at Los Angeles Center Studios to discuss his film. He went in well-prepared with a script in hand, just in case. Throughout the one hour pitch, Astrowsky gave Lenyear his thoughts and opinions on where he feels the tone of the script is headed, and in which market(s) a drama script like his would be best suited. The two were largely in agreement since the screenwriter compares “Sidelined” to films such as Raging Bull, Taxi Driver, Friday Night Lights, and Rebel Without a Cause. Both think Sideline will work well as a darkly themed, low-budget indie drama.

Astrowsky was so responsive to Lenyear’s first pitch that he called him back in for a second round to pitch his other ideas. The result? Lenyear walked away from the meeting empty handed… Because Evan Astrowsky decided to keep a copy of the script for further advancement! Way to go Aaron Patrick Lenyear!

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