Apprentices Making Major Strides!

In the Rough with Film Connection!
Brandon Lambert has been shooting commercials with his mentor! The most recent commercial was shot at Ski Bradford where they used GoPros on snowboards to get real, live-action footage. In addition, they’ve also shot a few car commercials this year.

Remote Control Picks Rob!
After weeks of searching for the perfect candidates, we are proud to announce that Remote Control Productions (Hans Zimmer’s post production company) has selected none other than Recording Connection graduate Robert Wiley for the very highly sought after apprenticeship in Santa Monica! Congrats Robert!

Recording Connection Graduate is on the air in Topeka!
Last week Scott Hertzig, a Recording Connection graduate from Topeka KS, scored a gig at Q 103 Country. Listen to some of his commercial samples on the Recording and Radio Connection soundcloud!

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