Recording Connection Grad Deirdre Palmer in Talks with Def Jam Recordings

After months of hustling and hard work, Recording Connection graduate, Deirdre Palmer, has been in talks to sign with famed record company Def Jam Recordings! Deirdre is a highly creative, ambitious entertainment manager from San Antonio, TX who is always scouting for new talent and has taken many hip-hop and rap artists under her wing, helping give them what they need to succeed in music.

Palmer’s started with Recording Connection as apprentice to Mark Sinko of Salmon Peak Recording in San Antonio, Texas. In speaking of the match, Palmer says:

Mark — he was perfect match, the perfect mentor for me. There’s no one out there like him. Recording Connection is where it all started for me, and I owe it to you guys for making my dreams come true.”



We look forward to bringing your more news about Deirdre Palmer’s journey as she navigates the exciting, always changing world of music and entertainment management.

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