On the Move–Gordon Maniskas Pitches Film and Lands first film job in Los Angeles!

Film Connection apprentice and actor, Gordon Maniskas has finally made the big move to LA this week and he’s now wasting any time. He pitched a few of his ideas, namely a film he penned dubbed “Monsters and Men” a futuristic full-length feature he describes as a cross between Lord of the Rings and Lethal Weapon. During Gordon’s stay in Los Angeles he’s working, with the help of Film Connection’s producers, on getting signed with an LA agency. Producer Evan Astrowsky already made the introductions for Gordon to UTA (United Talent Agency). And this last Wednesday Gordon got the call from UTA telling him he’s hired! Yup, he’s got his foot in the door at the world-renowned agency where he’ll be working with scripts. Way to go Gordon!

For the last year or so, Gordon has been working with screenwriting mentor Peter Foldy on developing the “Monsters and Men” script as well as a few other ideas. The script has strong undertones of politics and current events coupled with the unearthly creatures and creepy occurrences usually relegated to the realm of science fiction and comic books. But that’s not it! Gordon Maniskas is also an actor and aspiring director.

Wonder who’s ready to take over LA?!

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