Film apprentice Jonathan Edwards pitches Sci-Fi Film in LA

Film Connection apprentice, Jonathan Edwards who is learning the craft at Olegna Productions in Harrisburg, PA, visited LA Center Studios in Los Angeles and pitched his concept for a post-apocalyptic, sci-fi flick he compares to The Road.

Speaking of his inspiration, Edwards says, “What drives this script is character development.” The aspiring screenwriter and filmmaker describes his protagonist as a broken shell if a man and his female lead, an alien, as “very human” which is indeed ironic, and sounds a bit like Spike Jonze’s Her which won the Oscar for Best Original Screenplay in 2014.

Even though he doesn’t plan on sticking to acting for the long haul, Edwards acted and directed the teaser scene he shot of his original sci-fi film. Showing he’s versatile, Edwards also surprised by pitching feel-good, romantic-comedy adventure and a high school supernatural TV series perfect for ABC Family.

Keep that creativity flowing Jonathan!

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