Gordon Maniskas: Making that Break happen in Film

gordonManiskasFilm Connection apprentice and aspiring screenwriter, Gordon Maniskas left Massachusetts last month and moved to Los Angeles to make a break in the LA film industry. Within just two week, Gordon got an entry level film industry job, bought a car, got an apartment and even hit up a few networking events! Right now he’s doing coverage, reading from 3 to 4 screenplays per week. Maniskas likes the work, saying, “It’s a great opportunity to see others’ work in terms of genre – what’s hot, what’s not.”

Maniskas has also been spending time with his mentor, Peter Foldy, attending the Spiderman 2 screening and making connections along the way. He speaks of his experience so far:

Now that I am out here, through Film Connection I have been introduced to three producers, two screenwriters, and two directors, with an opportunity to pitch my script to all of them. Keep in mind, that this is not the ordinary experience. If you are a student that floats along the surface hoping for things to fall into your lap, you are going to get the traditional pitch experience. If you are someone that is determined to forge a destiny in the industry, your energy will feed into the Film Connection, and they will bend over backwards to make your success as possible as they can. I am still in the preliminary stages out here…but Film Connection has opened doors to me that would definitely not have been there on my own…

The Film Connection is an amazing thing. It is not a magic wand, it is not a genie, it is not a fairy godmother. It is a vehicle that will present new opportunities to you. And, if you have the ambition and drive, hopefully, you can turn those opportunities into a career. But it is up to you.”

Gordon has moments of being homesick and says it may take some time getting used to living in LA. Nevertheless, he knows for certain that he’ll keep on making his break happen by writing, directing and even acting in his own films.

Keep on going strong Brother! You’re doing great!

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