Recording Connection mentor Sean Giovanni is busy in Nashville!

Giovanni Promo Pic[1]Recording Connection mentor and studio engineer, Sean Giovanni recently caught us up on all that’s going on at The Record Shop in Nashville, Tennessee. Giovanni says:

“We’ve had a lot going on in the studio! We started out Tuesday mixing for the weekly show ‘The Country Fried Mix with DJ Sinister’ that is broadcast on over 35 channels across the country and will be played 24/7 on Sirius XM during CMA Fest. Wednesday we had three different full band tracking sessions…Today we are working with [country duo] unBRAKEable on tuning their songs for their new album. Tomorrow we’re cutting vocals on new songs for The Farm, [a country act] that just got signed to Warner Brothers.”

In addition to all of this, Sean Giovanni and the team at The Record Shop still find time to regularly produce their popular video show called Balcony TV featuring different major artists playing songs on balconies all around the world. Pretty sweet, huh?

As a mentor, Sean Giovanni looks forward to involving his apprentices in everything that’s going on at The Record Shop. “I like the idea of this program and wish there was something like this when I was getting started,” he says.

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