Producer/Engineer Ryan J. Hewitt Endorses Us!

In our monthly “mystery supporter” contests, we’ve recently revealed that music and film industry legends Hans Zimmer and Oliver Stone endorse the Recording Radio and Film Connection and the unique way we train our students. Thanks to all of you who sent in emails to guess our latest “new best friend!”

artist_ryan_hewitt_uad1[1]Our most recent BFF is none other than the legendary, Grammy-Award-winning Ryan J. Hewitt!! Based in Los Angeles, California, the producer and engineer has a client list that encompasses just about every genre you can think of and includes artists like Lady Gaga, The Avett Brothers, Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers, Johnny Cash, Sheryl Crow, blink-182 and many others.

Hewitt won Grammys for his engineering and mixing work on Red Hot Chili Peppers’ album Stadium Arcadium (Rock Album of the Year) and “Dani California” (Rock Song of the Year). Having had several mentors himself in the field of audio engineering, we’re happy to say Ryan J. Hewitt is a full supporter of the Recording Connection and our mentor-apprentice approach!

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