Brenden Mendez brings EDM to mentor studio and Gets Job!

We sincerely hope, each and every apprentice views their apprenticeship not solely as a time to learn but also as a time to connect and create opportunities for themselves. Recording Connection apprentice Brenden Mendez has done just that! Now his mentor, John Brown of Camel Hump Music in Las Vegas has brought Mendez on as an assistant full time! Brown says, “We have him working with bands, but personally he really enjoys making beats from scratch. We’ll have our students set up and record for bands, mixing, tracking, and we’ll put the finishing touches on the track.”

brenden-mendez[1]It actually isn’t that uncommon for Recording Connection apprentices to ultimately land work right at the very same studios where they’re done their apprenticeships. This is probably in large part to the fact that the mentor who’s done the training knows what their apprentice is capable of and they’ve trained them to do things the way they like them done. What makes Brenden’s story remarkable is the way he has used his interest in EDM music to expand Camel Hump Music’s musical reach. Brown says, “Trivion [one of our engineers] is a hip-hop dude and I’m a punk rock guy. We work closely with a record label who deals with a lot of punk and hard rock bands.” Brenden makes his own beats and is an aspiring DJ. So, Brenden’s using his newfound audio and mixing skills to bring EDM into the studio. It really is a win-win solution!

“I’m taking a different approach because I wasn’t expecting to go into a studio that was non-EDM,” says Brenden. “Those guys are a hip-hop and rock based studio, I’ve been trying to bring the EDM style into the studio. My mixing skills have greatly improved.”

One of the most important things we urge our apprentices to do is to find ways to become an asset and to add value to the studios where we place them. In a recent interview, Sean Giovanni of The Record Shop in Nashville talks about the importance of being enterprising and bringing in new artists and representing new genres of music (here).

It appears Brenden is doing just that.

Congratulations on making it happen Brenden!

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