RC grad Andrew Holscher reports back on his Eddie Kramer Experience

andrewholscher2Andrew Holscher, who finished his Recording Connection apprenticeship with Greg Hainer of Scorpio Sound in Los Angeles earlier this year, attended “The Eddie Kramer Experience” a Studio Prodigy Master Class which was held on June 2122 and sponsored by yours truly. The intimate workshop was hosted by legendary engineer Eddie Kramer. After a weekend of learning at the workshop, Andrew checked in and told us about his experience.

“It was a once in a lifetime opportunity,” Holscher says. “It was just amazing seeing such a skilled engineer work up close and personal, rather than watching something online. Being in the same room was a real treat. … Not only was it a great learning experience, it was also a great networking experience.”

Before enrolling in the Recording Connection audio program last year, Holscher attended the SAE Institute for audio engineering, but then left the program. As a result, the Recording Connection graduate has a unique perspective about the differences between the two programs. He tells us why, after leaving SAE, he decided to go with Recording Connection.

“[SAE] wasn’t quite as hands-on as they advertised,” Holscher says. “SAE was the first step, and they didn’t really help you after that, whereas this mentorship with you guys was like the first step and also an instant connection … You already have a connection with the mentor and possibly anybody else you meet along the way with the program.”

Since completing his apprenticeship, Holscher has veered towards working in the post-production side of audio. He’s already gotten several freelance gigs and he’s actively searching out more opportunities to work and create. He’s also considering continuing his education in the intensive master’s program offered by Recording Connection.

In speaking of the success he’s had so far, Andrew Holscher credits the connections he’s made as a Recording Connection apprentice for much of it. “It was the start of my career,” Holscher says. “It’s amazing. Finding the Recording Connection was, in a way, the access to the industry that I was looking for.”

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