Writer/Producer Ken Aguado on Perfecting your Pitch

Writer/producer Ken Aguado (The Salton Sea, Crazy As Hell), recently visited us at LA Center Studios for not one, but two informative pitch workshops for Film Connection apprentices.

Ken_aguadoKen Aguado offered lots of helpful, practical advice and key insights to students about the importance of the pitch. He also strongly emphasized something many newcomers probably would not give much thought to: Being early for the meeting is still late.


In other words, if you’re five minutes early, you’re probably still late. Plan on arriving well before your pitch time. You don’t ever want the producer or exec you’re pitching to wait for you.

Aguado also advices filmmakers saying, “Start your pitch by setting the stage for your listener: your personal connection to your material … It is your opportunity to explain why the story is worth telling.”

Ken Aguado is the co-author of The Hollywood Pitching Bible, a must-read for seriously ambitious filmmakers, writers and producers. Currently Aguado is working on The Italian American Cook a reality television show. We’re honored to have Ken Aguado advising our Film Connection apprentices!

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