The Future Sounds “Crystal Clear” for Thomas White

Since Thomas White enrolled in the Recording Connection as an apprentice at Crystal Clear Studio in Philadelphia, he’s seen lots of doors open for him. After honing a few of his skills and polishing-up his resume, Thomas noticed he was getting lots more callbacks for various jobs he was applying, including one for running the live sound for musical theater in New York City and Forge Recording in Oreland, near Philadelphia.

After attending the recent “New Music Seminar” in New York City, White next applied to WXPM Radio for an IT position. Even though he felt he was not prepared for the job, Thomas’s Recording Connection career counselor suggested he apply anyway. Within two weeks, they responded with an emphatic, “NO” to the position for which he’d applied. What they said instead was, “We would rather bring you on board as an audio engineer, seeing that you meet all of our expectations and more.”

Just weeks later, White’s mentor, Joey Heier, then recommended him to work a live-sound gig with Audio Gods. After his interview, the manager at Audio Gods told Heier, “That’s a great guy right there.” Those words are an accomplishment in themselves since Heier says, “He never says that about anyone!” Joey_Heier_2

Meanwhile, Thomas White continues his apprenticeship with Joey Heier at Crystal Clear Studios where he assists with voiceover work and other projects. He marvels at the difference in his career since enrolling in the program. “If I were going to school anywhere else, I wouldn’t have any of this,” White says. “Before this, nothing was working out, but ever since I joined The Recording Connection, everything’s been working out.”

Congrats to you Thomas!

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