Recording Connection Mentor helped rapper Tayyib Ali Go Big!

Much-loved Recording Connection mentor Joey Heier had a very young and talented Tayyib Ali come into Crystal Clear Studio about five years ago. The rapper had been referred to Heier by the guys at Duck Down Records in New York City.
During that very first session, Ali said Crystal Clear was the “nicest studio I’ve ever been in.” He went on to tell Heier, “I want to make this studio my home.” Even though Tayyib Ali could not afford sessions at the time, Heier saw the rapper had talent. Seeing his potential to become go big-time, the seasoned mentor and agreed to bring him in on talent alone, provided he would spread the word about Crystal Clear Studio as being the place where he got his start.

Since then, Tayyib Ali has been named one of the “Top Ten Teen Rappers” and has become widely known for his Keystone State of Mind series of recordings. He’s currently signed to Def Jam Records (co-founded by Russell Simmons, one of the Recording Connection’s sponsors), and is currently out on tour! Be sure to check out one of his shows!

Check out Keystone State of Mind on YouTube!

Duck Down NYC

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