We’re Happy to Welcome Todd Sheets and Adam Zaka to our Mentor Family!

We’re happy to welcome not one, but two great new mentors to Recording, Radio, Film Connection: Todd Sheets of Extreme Entertainment in Kansas City, Missouri and Adam Zaka of VAIN Pictures in Houston, Texas! These guys are both great film professionals but have very different styles.

Like many successful entertainment professionals, Todd Sheets followed his interests and combined his passion for film and radio with a love of the horror genre to create a niche that’s truly all his own. Sheets has been producing horror films for more than 25 years and he also hosts a weekly radio show called “Nightwatch” that covers all things horrific and paranormal (goosebumps anyone?)!

Todd Sheets has something in-the-works all the time. As a master of both crafts, he will be a resource for both Film Connection and Radio Connection apprentices, especially those with a passion for all things that go bump in the night!

Adam Zaka, VAIN Pictures (Film):

Adam got his start in writing, advertising and production. He describes himself this way: “I’m basically a creative producer who starts with an idea and gets the team assembled to make it a reality, from partnering with writers to collaborating with cinematographers and directors.”

In development, Adam’s got a comedy web series called VAIN in the works. He’s putting together the crew so for film apprentices looking to get into comedy film production and the fast growing field of Internet web series. View the sample preview for VAIN here!

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