Recording Connection grad Quits Job and Launches a Career Instead!

The very same day Alex Arnold walked out of his dead-end job was the day his life changed.

Approximately a year after graduating from Recording Connection and training under Joey Heier at Crystal Clear studios, Philadelphia, Alex still wasn’t doing much with his talents. Instead he was working in a sandwich shop of all places. Finally he’d had enough and quit, deciding that from then on he would focus on getting work in the music industry, putting those audio engineering skills he developed to good use.

Then the phone rang. Was it the universe calling? It was his old mentor, Joey Heier!

After working for decades in the music industry and mentoring for RRF for more than twenty years, Joey’s got a more than a few connections. He wanted to know if Alex wanted to work as lead audio tech for Burnt Sienna, a well-known Philadelphia band.
Since then, Alex has been doing what he loves, manning the soundboard, doing live sound, and also mixing as their lead tech. Although he was pretty nervous on his first day, it wasnt’ long before all of his training kicked in and now, he’s just completed doing the live sound for one of the band’s biggest gigs yet, the New Jersey Freedom Fest where they played for more than 6000 people!

In just two months from the time Alex decided he had to take the plunge to get the work he deserved, he’s well on his way. The year-long detour working the dead-end jobs has given him the wisdom to say one has to believe in oneself and act accordingly to make it in the industry. Alex credits Joey Heier and the training he received with the Recording Connection for getting him the skills he needs to succeed. “I really found myself a great opportunity with this school right around the time I was second guessing my choice to quit university classes for good. What’s the point of having a degree you can’t do anything with? I couldn’t have done this without everyone [at Recording Connection].”

Congratulations, Alex Arnold! Take advantage of every opportunity and live your bliss!

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