Film Connection apprentice Timi Gray Takes the Plunge on a Week-Long Shoot!

Aspiring filmmaker Timi Gray recently made the trek from where she apprentices with George Stover of Adventure Productions in Baltimore, Maryland, to Newark, New Jersey to assist with a week-long shoot for a children’s show called Aquakids.

Timi was excited and anxious about working on a real shoot.

In the beginning I had butterflies in my stomach because I had no idea what to expect,” she says. “I was so afraid of not being able to catch on to the tasks that would be assigned to me. However, as the journey began I soon learned I had no need for any anxieties. George Stover is the absolute best, fun loving, professional I’ve ever worked with…He treats me with such gentleness as he introduces me to various tasks.”


Timi says her mentor George and the rest of the crew and staff back at the studio were helpful and welcoming as she learned the ins and outs of the work at hand.

Every day was filled with adventure. I was in awe of everything I was doing and learning,” she says. “George had me to stay close to him as he explained how to take shots, how to take B-roll, how to handle each piece of equipment, and I just watched as he directed each person. George made learning fun and easy because no matter how many times I asked questions or when I didn’t know something, he was always gentle and patient.”

Thanks to George’s approach, it didn’t take long for Timi to start growing her confidence, experience and skills.

George began to focus more on allowing me to take charge of the assignments I was given which allowed me to become more independent and not have him to show me things all the time. Once I learned his style, I was able to anticipate what he needed without him having to ask me.”

Anticipating what the director needs?! That is an amazing lesson in itself!

Well Timi and George wrapped the Aquakids shoot. Since returning to Baltimore, Timi is spending two days a week in-studio where she’s building her knowledge of the craft, hands-on. Because she was a real asset on the last shoot, George has asked her to be part of the team for the another shoot in Connecticut.

So how does Timi feel about that? She’s excited, but nervous–no way!

I haven’t even been in the program very long, and already I’m learning so much! Film school is the best thing that has happened to me concerning my creative gift!.”

Timi_blog_3Way to go, Timi!

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