Weeks into the program, apprentice Alexa Cooper Takes on Multiple Roles in the studio!

Talk about a can-do-attitude! Alexa Cooper, Recording Connection apprentice at Blue Light Studio in Vancouver, BC, Canada has wasted zero time at making herself an asset to the studio. Just days into the program, Alexa was helping setup recording sessions and she’s even using her talents like film and photography to further the mission.
“I am in the studio 3 or more times a week,” says Alexa. “I have helped with many things from setting up mics to filming to developing a writable pdf form in Acrobat to send out to booked artists.”

Blue Light Studios takes a multimedia approach to production including recording and mixing to in-house video work. They even host a live music event in Vancouver called The MIXvan.

Kaj Falch-Nielsen, Alexa’s mentor handles all the booking for the monthly event. At the most recent MIXvan show, Alexa came in to help setup and photograph and has since been made photographer for all the events! Alexa says, “Every person on TheMIX team noticed how well the pictures were turning out, and each individually told me that I’m hired to come to every show to help out. I’m now part of their team after one night!”


Alexa is bringing that same level of dedication to her in-studio studies as well. With two more talents at her disposal, as vocalist and guitarist Alexa is planning on recording her own album. Yup, she’s got a jump-start on promoting herself too, she’s slated to perform at a future MIXvan event!

Alexa Cooper is a perfect example of what can happen when apprentices choose to make the most of the opportunities real-world training and apprenticeship provides.
“You said to make myself stand out … It’s happening,” she says.

Congratulations, Alexa and keep on going strong!

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