Recording Connection graduate Dan Walsh talks Experience

Recent Recording Connection graduate, Dan Walsh has nothing but positive things to say about the time he spent apprenticing with David Mikeal at KDS Music Studios, located in Orlando, Florida.

“David gave me so much vital information about engineering and the overall music business. He was able to guide me through the entire recording and mixing process with real clients,” says Walsh. “He showed me a lot of old-school methods of recording and mixing that helped simplify the process, which allowed me to be more concerned with the important parts of the mixing process.”

As a dedicated apprentice, Dan it wasn’t long before Walsh found himself playing a role in the day-to-day operation of the studio and meeting and working with high-profile artists.
For Walsh’s final project, he assisted his mentor with entire process of recording and engineering an upcoming album from Orlando band Who Hit Willie, from start to finish. Speaking of his experience, he says:

I had so much fun in my sessions with the band. I could not have been given these opportunities in a classroom, and I feel like I learned so much more from the hands-on training that this program provides.”

We’re happy you’re happy Dan! Keep going!

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