Film Connection apprentice Shameka Cole’s video plays on MTV Jams!

Shameka Cole is still blazing ahead in the industry! She recently wrapped a music video for Coca-Cola and also directed a music video for hip-hop artist Tracy T of Maybach Music Group. When Shemeka’s phone rang last week, a friend was on the line letting her know the Tracy T music video she directed was playing on MTV’s hip-hop channel, MTV Jams! Shameka says, “I was so hyped to hear that! I remember watching MTV Jams all the time back in the day.”
Shooting “Wanna Be Somebody” presented some challenges for the auteur director: “We had a club scene with a lot of extras which was a little hectic but I just spoke with the camera guys and production team and took control to keep things organized.”

The full music video is available exclusively on MTV Jams. Check out the trailer below. Atlanta artist and rapper Tracy T’s Wolf of All Streets is available for download now.

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Keep going strong Shameka!

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