Recording Connection mentor Rick Rooney mentors the Person, not the Student

Planet_DallasWith nearly four decades experience, Rick Rooney, chief engineer and owner of Planet Dallas, has worked with a diverse array of artists, from Clay Aiken to Diana Ross, Tony Bennett to Iggy Pop. Founded in 1984, Planet Dallas is all about making the music come to life using proven recording techniques to achieve the best sonic quality. Rick is also one of Recording Connection’s busiest and most tireless mentors with a personal, hands-on ethic.

Rick Rooney updated is on what his recent grads are up to:

Since graduating, John Polizzi has stayed on producer and engineer at Planet Dallas. “He currently heads our music for hire department. Polizzi engineers most of the student projects we bring in, for understanding mic placement and the art of ‘just play it right.’” He’s also a drum programmer, bassist and guitarist, currently producing and recording his own solo project.

Mark Randall graduated the program and decided to continue into the Recording Connection Masters Program. Randall has assmumed a lot of responsiblity at the studio. “His duties include session direction, set up, mic placement, recording and producing those he is working with,” Rick says. “He has become a leading force with Planet Dallas, with complete control of sessions and mastering.”

Ayaz Ismail “began recording in various studios in Dallas and upon leaving my course he’s now recording and mixing all of his own projects,” says Rooney. Ayaz Ismail is in L.A. meeting with film producers looking for new music. Ismail’s self-produced songs, written by him, are in regular rotation in India.


John Mitchell “is a virtuoso guitarist unlike any I’ve seen,” says Rooney. John is at the helm, recording and producing for his band I AM THE ENEMY.


MarlinRight now, John Marlin is on tour with The Bart Crow Band, doing their live audio. “We get him in on our projects when he’s off the tour bus,” says Rooney.

The secret to the success our students see under Rick Rooney’s mentorship is thanks in a very large part to the way he integrates the student’s talents into the flow at Planet Dallas. For Rooney, the focus is on mentoring people as people. “We lead students to the light,” Rooney says. “Some find it harder to see than others but I strive to excite them about their inner heart and souls which is the reason they sought me out in the beginning.”


Well said Rick Rooney! Keep on updating us on your students’ successes. Congrats Guys!!!!

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