Recording Connection Grad Dani Munoz on Tour with Flo Rida

Dani_Munoz_FOH_Flo_RidaDani Munoz has been making quite a career for himself ever since he graduated Recording Connection earlier this year, after apprenticing with Hal Batt of Afterhours Music in Miami.

Yup, things are looking pretty good for the 2014 recipient of the Pensado’s Place Scholarship. And because Dani can speak so eloquently about his experiences on the road, we just figured we’d like him tell you himself:

In Europe I’ve toured primarily mixing FOH (Front of House) for Flo Rida. I’ve also done tours mixing monitors for Animal Collective, Tour Manager/ FOH engineer for Mapei and a few other smaller projects.

I feel really, really fortunate to say that my journey in sound engineering has taken me to places such as Germany, France, Italy, Poland, UK, Norway, Denmark, the Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden, Turkey and Russia.
A lot of people don’t know this, but Flo Rida is probably a lot bigger overseas than in the U.S. This means that shows with an artist like him can get really crazy and energetic… I think the European crowds are a lot more receptive to music and get wilder, especially in the big music festivals that I’ve had the chance to work in.

One time in Turkey, Flo came out to perform a song in the crowd (which he usually does) and things got so out of hand that we had to stop the show and Flo had to ask the people to clear a path for him ’cause he and his bodyguards could simply not move! That’s how crazy it can get.

I would advise anyone to go to any major European music festival. Not only will you have a blast, but you’ll be exposed to many different [kinds of] music and cultures in one place.

I can honestly say that hands-on, real-world education in this field is paramount. The best comparison I can make to explain this is that any driving school can teach you how to drive a car in a controlled environment. However, chances are that once you’re on the road driving on a single lane on a two-way street and have a semi-truck coming at you at full speed, swerving into your lane, only experience will help you avoid an accident, keeping control of your car and avoiding a really bad situation.

Motivated, hard-working and thoroughly positive about the path he’s forging for himself, Dani Munoz is constantly building upon his Recording Connection experiences and making it happen every single day! Learn more about the power of industry training and great industry connections.

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