Hadley Alley Works and Connects in LA!

mad_hadder_2[1]Just around a year ago, Recording Connection graduate, Hadley Alley (aka The Mad Hadder), completed his apprenticeship under Steve Sundholm at Kung Fu Bakery (in Portland, Oregon) and decided to move south to Los Angeles.

After previously interning with BMG Rights Management in Los Angeles and graduating Washington State University with a degree in Political Science, Hadley decided to enroll in the Recording Connection to take his music education to the next level with hands-on experience working in a real recording studio. “My ultimate goal is to obtain a career where I’ll be working with producers to create the sounds that people want to hear.”

Hadley wasn’t a complete newcomer to the music business. After graduating from Washington State University he interned with the world-renowned BMG Rights Management and learned more about the relationships BMG has with the artists, producers, songwriters they represent. Getting a view into the business side of things spurned his interest in developing more hands-on knowhow from within a real recording studio environment. “I knew I wanted to continue pursuing my passion for music production and audio engineering,” Hadley says. Although he had the passion and had already taught himself a number or DAW programs like Logic 9, Ableton Live and FL Studio 10, getting the missing piece of the puzzle happened when he got an on-the-job apprenticeship with Steve Sundholm.

Because of the continuing support Hadley has received from Steve and Recording Connection, Hadley’s got a professional job at ES Audio in Burbank. He’s busy working with several indie and up and coming bands and artists and he’s managing the indie-electro duo Dire Docks whose single “Georgia Line” appears in YouTube chart-buster Shane Dawson’s film Not Cool, in theaters now!

Keep on connecting and making it happen for you Hadley! We’re happy we could help!

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