Film Connection graduate Ofu Obekpa meets with the Pros in Hollywood!

ofu-obekpa-300x300[1]Ofu Obekpa had already earned a degree in Business Administration and Marketing from University of Maine Machias when he decided to pursue interests that were closer to his true calling–working in the entertainment industry. Ofu started acting when he was just five years old. He’d gone on to star in several films and stage productions and studied drama with actress Shannon Eubanks. Wanting to go farther and do more with his future, Obekpa was willing to make big changes. He signed up with Film Connection and made the move to Atlanta so he could apprentice under Steve Carmichael at Radiant3 Productions.

He kept with it and once he completed his apprenticeship, the Film Connection made arrangements for Ofu Obekpa come to Los Angeles where he would pitch his latest film concept and meet up with several film industry professionals and further grow his knowledge of the Hollywood film industry. Well, Ofu is doing what we want every Film Connection graduate to do–he’s keeping in touch! Here’s a bit of what he had to tell us about his recent Hollywood experience.

RRF: How did it go with your Film Connection screenwriting mentor?

Ofu: The experience of working with a real screenwriter was just great. Kevin Christopher is a genius. He takes you step-by-step and holds your hand all the way. He knows what he’s doing. He’s detail-oriented and allows for the flexibility in adapting ideas to fit your concepts. Working with him was very inspiring. Kevin Christopher went far and beyond in helping me with my post-production skills. He made me fall in love with editing. Now I can say, “I’m a well-rounded filmmaker!” When we did the explosive scenes for my project, he came out on set. That was awesome of his to come out and supervise me. Kevin guided me all the way through my shots!

RRF: What film concept did you pitch?
Hollywood_sign - Copy
Ofu: The concept I pitched was “From the Shadows.” A crime boss with a god-complex threatens the livelihood of one of his professional assassins. To save his life, the Assassin must join forces with his partner to take him down.

RRF: You also pitched your film concept to Alex Keledjian of Project Greenlight. How did that go?

Ofu: Alex is a cool individual and straight up Hollywood. He loved my pitch. I think we basically connected on an individual level. Alex understood where I was coming from so we connected well. He gave me some invaluable advice as well – advice that I’ll cherish for the rest of my film career.

RRF: Before returning to Atlanta, you even met up with financial expert and consultant Eric Sherman. What did you take away from talking production and movie-making with him?

Ofu: I loved the energy and spirit in Eric’s personality. He gave me some very helpful tips that will be valuable in the near future. Probably the most important thing I took from him was his honesty. I like being around such people. He’s got lots of wisdom. If I have the opportunity, I would love to work with him someday. Great guy! He also told me to never give up, which one of the keys to success.

RRF: Is there anything you’re currently working on? Where will you be in five years?

Ofu: I’d better be getting an Oscar in five years! Anything is possible. Currently, I’m meetings with few potential investors and I’m putting my business documents and portfolio together.

If you’d like to learn more about The Film Connection Method, follow this link.

Check out some of Ofu’s film “Assassins” below!

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