Adam Moseley mentors for Recording Connection!

Headroom_for_daysSince the late 70s sonic-master Adam Moseley has had a very successful career as producer, engineer, and mixing for bands like U2, Beck, The Cure, Rush, Kiss, Maxi Priest. He’s also mixed audio for big budget movies like The Big Wedding and hit TV shows including True Blood and The Americans.

With more than three decades worth of experience in the music and audio industry under his belt, for Adam Moseley building tracks is a very big deal, an enlarging and fine-tuning of one’s perception and “sonic awareness.” On this point Moseley says, “The essence of music is arrangement, both musical and sonic.” Becoming proficient at assembling tracks entails learning how to “build a musical arrangement through awareness of your sonic field.” Attaining this heightened level of awareness involves sharpening one’s listening skills, talking about the craft (and having the vocabulary to do that) as well as growing through one’s experiences and becoming fine-tuned to the work itself.
So should newcomers focus simply on learning the terminology and building their listening skills? Nope. People skills are essential too. Any good producer or engineer must know how to get the best out of an artist or a band. Knowing how to achieve this is part intuition, part inspiration, and part experience. Ultimately, Moseley says, “The art and purpose of music production is creating emotion in music.” We couldn’t agree more. Now as Recording Connection mentor, Adam Moseley will be sharing his profound knowledge and experience with a few fortunate apprentices at Headroom for Days, his studio in Los Angeles. To those future apprentices we say: Listen, learn and take it all in from this most sagacious master of sound.

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