Recording Connection apprentice Gino Claiborne get’s Hired at Detroit’s Metro 37 Studios

Gino_ClaiborneRecording Connection apprentice Graylyn “Gino” Claiborne was close to finishing up his apprenticeship at Detroit’s Metro 37 Recording Studios when he got an unexpected but welcome opportunity.

Gino says, “The job was offered to me on a random day I was at the studio for class. Kevin told me everyone liked me and they wanted to bring me on board. I was very excited about it and still am. I think what influenced their decision was the fact that I’m an artist and producer myself, so that does nothing but add to the experience and the know-how for engineering and creating a comfortable environment for clients.”

Now, even though he’s got a paycheck coming in and is earning money working in the music industry, Gino isn’t slowing down. He’s sticking to his studies and is continuing on into the Recording Connection Master’s Program. He’s also working on a project called Visions.

Of his experiences thus far, the young producer says, “The knowledge I’ve received from RRF was absolutely amazing. There’s still so much for me to learn but I have definitely benefitted from this program.”

Are we excited for Gino? Sure we are! His success story is just one of very many. Our mentor-apprentice, in-the-door approach helps many students get hired on at the very same studios where they’ve apprenticed. Many others, get hired by people they’ve met while apprenticing in the program. Of course, working hard, applying oneself and making it happen for YOU is what it’s all about.

Hear some of Gino’s great tracks on SoundCloud.

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