Film Connection apprentice Daryn Davidson

Daryn_DavidsonFilm Connection apprentice Daryn Davidson is working on her filming and editing skills with mentor Joey Heier at Crystal Clear Studio in Philadelphia. Although she’s just getting started in the program, she’s already had the experience of shooting footage for a music video for gypsy folk trio Ameranouche. Daryn speaks of hitting the ground running:

I had only been with Joey for two weeks when he felt confident about handing me a camera and making me cameraperson to the lead player of the trio. I felt very honored to be given that responsibility, and I gave it the seriousness it engendered. It’s just Joey and I who are doing the editing.

We ask Daryn how she feels about her mentor’s coaching style. Joey Heier is one of our most versatile mentors who adjusts according to what the apprentice needs. In Daryn’s case empowerment seems to be a big part of Joey’s equation. She says, “He gives me guidance when I ask for it, but if I don’t, then he trusts that I can do whatever he has asked of me. It’s like flying solo but with a safety net. That works for me greatly.”

Now mentor and apprentice are working together to assemble the footage. The editing process has been a welcome surprise for Daryn whose love for film goes years back. Since starting her apprenticeship, editing “has become a bigger passion for me than even having a camera in my hand. But the passion I have for both of them is bone-deep.”

We ask Daryn to tell us a bit about the misconceptions people generally have about working in the film industry. Her response:

I don’t really know of any of the misconceptions. I know of the contradictions: ‘If you have a great idea you will make it versus “You need more than a good idea to make it.’ Both have their points, but I know how I’m going to make this work for me, and that is just working hard, keep on learning everything about my craft and loving every minute of it.

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves! We can’t wait to see the Ameranouche music video Daryn! Keep on loving every moment of it!


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