Recording Connection grad Brenden Mendez Brings EDM to Camel Hump!

Brenden_Mendez_2If you want to work in the music industry today, sitting back and waiting for something to happen for you is just about the worst thing you can do for yourself. We encourage our students to be savvy and entrepreneurial when they’re building their careers, right from day one. Recent Recording Connection graduate Brenden Mendez did just that.

After careful consideration, Brenden was placed with Camel Hump Studios in Las Vegas, Nevada. At that time, the studio was recording primarily hip-hop and punk acts and as a DJ and EDM enthusiast, Brendan had his doubts: “Before starting at the studio, I was fairly hesitant at the fact that I may join the ‘wrong’ studio because we’re not all a part of the same scene,” says Brenden. Whatever doubts he may have had didn’t last long. “Within minutes of watching Trivion McKenzie, my mentor, at work, I was amazed at what was unfolding right before my eyes. Instantly I knew this was the right path for me, and that I had finally made the right choice.”

This choice was further affirmed by something Brendan’s other co-mentor, John Brown said. “‘If you support the scene, then the scene will support you’. I felt the light bulb go off in my head… It was one of the most simplistic ways of putting it, but it’s better to be short, sweet, and to the point.”

So what did Brendan do? He learned everything he could about the gear, about recording practices and about how the studio was run. He became an asset to the guys at Camel Hump while he also took what he was learning and applied it to making his own beats. Then he started bringing EDM into the studio which expanded Camel Hump’s cache, making it the place to record punk, hip-hop and also EDM! But none of it would have happened if Brenden had not first been open to expanding his knowledgebase beyond the scope of just Electronic Dance Music. Brenden’s can-do attitude and his dedication to learning everything is what sealed the deal for John Brown, the studio’s co-owner who just made him his full-time assistant! Now Brendan’s running sessions and helping out around the studio, especially when Trivion and John are out working on other projects.
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