Q & A with Jonathan Schulz, Apprentice at Talking Circle Media in Anchorage, Alaska


Alaska? Sure we’ve got students in Alaska! Jonathan Schulz, apprentice at Talking Circle Media, located in Anchorage, has a passion for film that’s bone-deep.

In his Film Connection student blog, he writes: “My dream is to be a director and to be able to make movies that shake people up. I want to make them laugh, only to make them cry a few minutes later. I want to make characters that get people out of their chairs to cheer for and characters that make them shake their fist and hate. I want to be a storyteller.”

Well we found Jonathan’s entry so interesting and inspiring that we decided to learn more about where this young, aspiring filmmaker is coming from and where he wants to go.

RRF: So, What made you want to get into working in film?

Jonathan: I’m not actually sure what it was that specifically attracted me to film. It was just always in me, even when I didn’t realize I wanted to do it for a living. When I was little, I’d play with my action figures and my eyes would be the camera. I would move around the figures and get different angles with different lines of sight. I even remember making up my own film titles and writing them into the TV guide… From my earliest memories, filmmaking has always been on my mind.

RRF: What’s the best lesson you’ve learned while in the program?

Jonathan: I cannot stress it enough–FILM FOR THE EDIT! That’s a lesson I’m constantly remembering that I learned, and one that I am constantly forgetting to do! As a videographer, I also edit all the videos and so the process of editing isn’t some burden I can just pass off to the editor… I’ve often found myself situations where I need to cut away from a shot only to find, I don’t have anything to cut to! Film that extra footage! Get those close-ups and over-the-shoulder shots. It’s well worth the extra time it takes.

RRF: Have anything else you’d like say to your fellow students? Any advice for other aspiring filmmakers?

Jonathan: I guess I’d say never stop filming what you love. If you have a choice between making the films you love while struggling or rolling in cash and making films you aren’t passionate about, I say choose the former. Make the art you want to make and remember the love of film that got you passionate about filmmaking in the first place.

We can’t wait to hear more from you Jonathan! Keep on filming what you love!

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