Radio/Broadcast Connection mentor Jim Daniels flies in and gets Travis Harker Connected!

Travis_HarkerTravis Harker, student with Radio/Broadcast Connection of Houston, Texas recently had a great time getting connected in the Houston area, thanks to his mentor, Jim Daniels of NBC Sports Radio.

“Travis and I got the royal treatment,” says Jim, who lined up several stations in the area. They started their day at the headquarters of CBS Radio Houston which runs six stations in the greater Houston area. From there, Jim and Travis went to Yahoo Sports Radio in Houston (an affiliate of ESPN). Jim says, “We got to lay down tracks at both of the facilities. They even let us take over the production studio long enough to do a sports talk segment on college football as it relates to Texas.”

From there, Travis and Jim were off to meet with the program director of Sports Radio 610 CBS, Ryan McCredden. Travis had the opportunity to interview McCredden, who gave Travis some very in-depth advice about the best way to break into radio broadcasting and told him about the opportunities and requirements for landing work at CBS Radio.

Doug Harker, met up with his son Tim and Jim Daniels for lunch that day and has shared his own impressions: “Our experience with Jim in Texas could not have gone better,” he says. “What a great guy to do something like that – speaks volumes about your program and its supporters.”

“It was great, really,” says Travis, “I can’t say enough about it if I’m honest to God.”

So why would a busy radio pro, known across the nation, make the trip to Houston to help one Radio/Broadcast Connection student? Jim feels in light of Travis’s progress, making the trip was the natural choice. “Travis and I have been working together for most of the year, so it was an easy call to fly-in, put in some extra work to get him aligned with the right people,” he says. Jim is happy to announce, “Travis is now on track to complete the course by year’s end!”

Ultimately, the goal of all the RRF programs is for our students to get paid work for themselves but that doesn’t mean we won’t step in and help you whenever we can. As Travis discovered, when you work hard and impress your mentor, they can go well out of their way to help you take your career to the next level. Jim Daniels recognized just how passionate Travis Harker was about working in radio, so he gladly went the extra mile for him, a trip the national on-air host believes was very worthwhile.

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