Natural Born Audio Teacher: Recording Connection mentor David Mikeal

David_MikealDavid Mikeal, studio-owner, composer, arranger, producer and engineer wears a whole slew of hats but it’s his work as mentor we’re talking about! David has been a Recording Connection mentor for a whopping 18 years. He’s all about integrity and professionalism which is something he tries to pass on to his apprentices.

The students who apprentice with Dave at StudioLive USA, located in Oviedo, Florida, just 15 minutes outside of Orlando, have the opportunity of learning with a calendar that’s full of projects. Recent clients include the popular blues-rock/country group Simple Southern Boys, Jon Montalban, and also an upcoming Don Henley album.

Even after nearly two decades of becoming a Recording Connection mentor, David Mikeal is still in high-demand. Apprentice Steven Sauers [in pic] relocated all the way from Wisconsin just to study with him. And Jason Hoanshelt finished up with David for the bachelor’s program but is coming back to do the master’s program with him as well. Jason says, “Training with David at StudioLive USA has been a mind-opening experience. Dave has useful knowledge gained through tons of experience. Sometimes during a lesson, he’ll talk about personal experiences from his past. He’ll stop himself and apologize about how he feels he’s ‘rambling on’ but the information he gives while he ‘rambles on’ is priceless. He is a natural born audio teacher.”

Another of David’s past apprentices, Recording Connection graduate, Garin Thomas, stayed on at StudioLive USA to become David’s main engineer! “Great guy,” David says of him. “All the clients love his demeanor.”

Recent Recording Connection graduate, Sebastian Lefeld: “I’ll never forget the first lesson Dave ever taught me,” he says, “When you are part of a project, you give it your all; not only because you want it to sound good, but because your name is on it. The project represents you. Now that I’m a graduate and am currently transitioning into the professional part of the industry, I really understand what he means.”

Steven Sauers, the very same guy who relocated to Orlando all the way from Wisconsin, explains what he thinks makes David such an accomplished mentor: “When it comes to the learning process of the audio engineering course, Dave is spot-on when explaining the ins and outs of what needs to be covered in the studio. He uses very good examples, stories, and hands-on training to get the full effect of what is covered in each chapter. By adding positive energy and understanding of (one’s) skill-level he is no doubt a professional in all aspects of the industry. It is a pleasure to work with such a great engineer/musician of his stature. I’m looking forward to every week to see what new things are to be discovered in the studio… Thanks for offering such a great opportunity.”

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