Recording Connection grad Bruce Fugett: Making Collaboration Happen in Seattle

BruceBruce Fugett is making the most of the connections he’s been able to build since starting with the Recording Connection. A virtuoso of sorts, Fugett is a guitarist, singer, banjo player and cellist, and now, he’s also building a career as a producer of up-and-coming talent like hip-hop artists Blak Pope and Nelson Guzman.

That fact isn’t lost on Bruce who says, “Almost every artist and producer that I collaborate and work with has been the direct result of enrolling in the program, so I’m incredibly thankful for that.” Bruce and fellow Recording Connection graduate, Carlos Baca, recently launched Cosmic Wave Productions and the partners are working on lining up a few projects for the near future. Scouting for talent is as simple as taking part in whatever happens to be worthwhile in the Seattle music scene. One happening is an invite-only monthly documentary series, featuring talent from the Pacific Northeast hosted by Bruce’s mentor’s studio–Fastback Studios.  “Once a month, we bring a band into the studio to record a few songs, but we also bring about 15-20 guests into the live room to watch the performance.”

Working with the right kinds of artists, those who are actively out there playing and promoting themselves can make for a win-win situation. Bruce seems to be positioning himself for just such a win. Bruce says while he was an apprentice, Mark Naron taught him “many valuable lessons about people and the way the music industry really works.” All the stuff that can’t be found in a book.

So is it all about work and making tough choices?

Not for Bruce it isn’t.

He says he used to believe that “making music is hard.” But now realizes that “even though there may be quite a few challenges that one faces when making music, with the right tools and supportive people, anything is possible.”

When asked whether his dreams have changed since starting the program, Bruce gives an emphatic yes.

“Yes, my dreams have changed. And by changed, I mean to say that they have expanded. I used to dream about being a successful musician, but now I dream of being a successful musician and music producer.”

Check out some of Bruce’s original work, recent project “Moments (ft. Cakoir).”




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