Recording student Michael Ilumin is Building his Dream the Smart Way

M_ilumin_post_BJust a number of months ago, Recording Connection student, Michael Ilumin was living in Austin, Texas and he was at a crossroads. He was seriously considering applying to graduate school to advance his education in nursing, but something kept him from making the choice. Then, Ilumin started considering what he’s been wanting to do for years: study electronic music production. Next thing you know, he was online looking up Recording Connection, the program he remembered, that “just happened to be in the back of [his] mind” for years.

Though nursing is probably about as far away as one can get from making music, it was Michael’s experience in the professional world of nursing that further convinced him that a program centered on hands-on training was the best way to go. He says, “With nursing, I’ve had the experience of learning from textbooks and classroom-based institutions… I have come to realize if you really want to learn something and master your craft, then you have to do it on the job.”

So what did Michael do? He was smart in his approach. He enrolled in Recording Connection and signed up with mentor Nick Joswick at 5th Street Studios in Austin. He also kept is day job. *See article on Nick working with Black Pistol below! 

Over the course of a few months, Michael expanded his existing still set from mixing “in the box” to learning analog gear, mic setups, working on the console, and recording bands in-studio. He has enriched his creative skills and potential tenfold. He even gained something he hadn’t thought he was missing—the human side of making music. Speaking of this revelation, he says, “I was making music at home and very I’m fascinated about how to make things sound the way they do. What was missing was the human element and collaborating with other people who enjoyed what I did. In the studio, I have that around me.”5th_street
Having found a big part of what was missing enabled Michael to make the next major decision in his life-to move to Los Angeles and take part in the thriving electronic music scene.

Well, he’s literally just landed but he’s already hooked up gainful employment as a cardiothoracic ICU nurse at a major hospital in Los Angeles. He’s also lining up a few musical projects right now and is scouting for local singers who’d like to collaborate on a few tracks.

Michael Ilumin thanks Recording Connection for helping him make the decision to move out to L.A but really, we just enabled him to get on the right path to fulfill his dreams rather than letting another year go by. We’re happy Michael’s willing to take himself and his professional goals seriously, no matter what. We know he’s willing to work hard and is committed to building a career in music. We applaud your choice Michael! Go get ’em!

You can hear some of Michael’s music on Soundcloud, where he goes by the name of Nuumod.
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