Recording Connection Master’s student Taylor Crommie does K-Pop, Indie & The Grammy’s!

Recording Connection graduate Taylor Crommie in 2019

Master’s Recording Connection student, Taylor Crommie, has perfected the art of making things happen. Talk to Taylor and you’ll hear just how optimistic and inspired he is to learn, to help fellow artists with their work, and to broaden his horizons both musically and professionally.

While apprenticing with engineer/mixing engineer Matt “Linny” Linesch, known for his work with Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros and Dave Mason, Taylor also jumped at the opportunity to take on another apprenticeship with Joombas Music Group, based in Los Angeles. While there, he’s marinating in a very different vibe and getting first-hand experience from another stellar engineer– Marco Reyes, a formidable force in the world of K-pop who’s worked on a slew of South Korean chart-toppers from bands including Girls Generation, SHINee and Exo. Now, Taylor is working closely with Reyes on his latest project engineering Speed, the South Korean boy band that’s blowing up big in Seoul. Of the experience so far, Taylor says:

“I went into Joombas as a blank slate and ready to learn their formula. So far its been a complete 360 of what I’m used to recording and producing. I love it there! The knowledge I’m gaining about Kpop and the culture behind the music is completely different than the American side of the music industry. Some the biggest differences are the money, the industry, of course, and the respect the recording engineers and producers receive from the artists.”

Rather than worrying about staying true to a particular genre or musical influence, Taylor’s focused on adding more tools to his toolbox. He freely admits, K-pop isn’t “his thing” but he’s
getting chops. “My mixing abilities have already increased and are only getting better and more innovative.” It’s not hard to see how this is the case, considering, mentor Matt Linesch is all about maintaining a certain feel and spontaneity in the music, even letting some bleed into the mix, whereas with Reyes, Taylor’s getting the pop formula learning a more commercial style. As for the gear at Joombas, Taylor says it’s mostly straight-up digital “with a Digi design board” and “for vocals, a Blue Bottle vacuum tube microphone which uses a B6 Cardiod capsule, the same capsule as in an old AKG 414 except the 414 wasn’t a tube. Also we use an Api 512c for the Pre amp and a UA 1176 to compress before it becomes digital.”

As if that wasn’t enough, Taylor’s also going strong with indie electro rock band Breakfast. The L.A. based group is acquiring a cult following fast, made even more cult-y by it’s release of David Lynch Twin Peaks inspired tracks and music videos, “Boris” and “Diane.” The tracks are garnering lots of interest and play, even appearing on quite a few notable blogs. Where it leads, only time will tell but we can tell you this much, Taylor’s making the most of the journey every single day.

So what does Taylor say about getting involved in so many different genres, studios and facets of the business at once?

“It’s all music,” he says, “I want to work with everyone and have the tools to do it! The Recording Connection is helping me reach that goal”

And just to top it all off, Taylor Crommie had the privilege of joining our very own Chief Executive Officer, Jimi Petulla and Consultant Brian Kraft backstage at the Grammy’s 2015 for a super-exclusive tech tour.
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