Pensado’s Place Scholarship winner Dani Munoz is on tour with Maroon 5!

Well it’s been a little more than one year since Dani Munoz of Miami, Florida won a full paid scholarship for in-studio training with Recording Connection, co-sponsored by Pensado’s Place and we’re happy to report that Dani is doing great! In fact, he’s touring with Maroon 5 on their ‘V’ World Tour, doing FOH (Front of House) live sound for the opening band Magic, so he had just a few minutes to check-in and to shoot over some amazing pics!
dani_MunozDani sent word to Mark Einhorn in Student Services this morning, saying, “Things are going great! we’ve been on the road with the Maroon 5 tour for a month now, sold out arenas across the country, [got] a groundbreaking new PA system, and the band is great to work with, so no complaints at all! I’m sending you some pics. I’ll be back in LA on April 6th and then I shall be back in the studio with Matt.”

The “Matt” Dani is referring to is none other than Matt “Linny” Linesch who came on board as a mentor for Recording Connection about a year ago. Since then, the engineer/mixer who’s behind the fantastic, raw sound of Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros, Dave Mason’s “Future’s Past” and the soundtrack to movie All  is Lost, starring Robert Redford, has mentored a number of our students including Hannah Finegold, Taylor Crommie, and now Dani.

When asked about the opportunities winning the Pensado’s Place Scholarship has afforded him, Dani Munoz says, “It’s a blessing! When I got a call from you guys saying I got it I was like ‘no way!’ I’m extremely thankful for that.” When asked about the effectiveness of the Recording Connection approach, he says, “The fact that you connect with somebody that’s working, the fact that you connect with somebody that’s in it, that, to me, is the way to go.”
Dave Pensado, the Grammy-award-winning host of Pensado’s Place says he and co-host, Herb Trawick, were glad to contribute to the future successes of the scholarship recipients. “One of the greatest pleasures Herb and I have is the opportunity to educate,” says Dave Pensado. “The fact that we can partner with shops like Recording Connection, offer Pensado’s Place Scholarships, and then watch the recipient grow and succeed makes it all worthwhile.”

Thanks to Dave Pensado and Pensado’s Place for being such a staunch supporter of our hands-on, in-studio method and thanks to Dani who’s really taken the opportunity and run with it! Have fun on the road Dani and be sure to touch base when you and Linny are in the studio!

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