Joe Paciotti Brings his A-Game with Film Connection

Joe_Paciotti_crewEver since he was a kid, Joe Paciotti has always been a self-starter when it comes to filmmaking, getting his start when he was just 9 years old “messing around” with a Sony Handycam and making short films with his friends. By the time he was in high school, Joe already had a clear vision of what he wanted to do and had garnered the respect of his schoolmates, becoming the main editor for the video production class.

So it wasn’t too surprising that by 21, Joe Paciotti had already founded his own film production company, aptly named JPac Productions. Since then, he’s done work for a wide array of clients in the greater Philadelphia area, ranging from The Upper Darby Historical Society to a heavy metal band and a number of local businesses. Although he’s done over a dozen freelance projects, Paciotti’s humble about his achievements and eager to learn more saying, “I feel like I’m at the semi-pro level.” Signing up with Film Connection was what Joe viewed as an opportunity to “gain connections and meet new people who have been doing it for years.”

In order to help Joe reach his goals and learn more about the broader professional world of filmmaking, Film Connection matched him with Nick Esposito, owner of Backseat Conceptions, based in Philadelphia. Clients include John Oliver (HBO), ESPN, The Learning Channel, McDonald’s, Ford and many others. Just days into his apprenticeship at Backseat, Joe found he was getting just the experience he had asked for by getting to work preparing the Backseat Production Bus to go on the road, after which he then got on the bus as a member of the crew. Joe traveled with the rest of the crew from Philadelphia to Raleigh, North Carolina and got an in-depth crash course on all aspects of production work, from locking down the locations, to working on the set itself, to managing talent during the shoot.

The feature film that took Joe and Backseat on the road was But Deliver Us from Evil, a supernatural action movie with religious themes in the line of films like Constantine. Joe says taking part in the production of a feature was just the very thing he had set out to accomplish. “That was my main goal from the beginning of this program” and “It was great to finally get on set, really.” And Joe Paciotti made the most of it, using every moment to work, observe, and learn, and he’s got the detailed notes to prove it.

“I wrote down everything I have learned, and it’s a pretty long list. Basically I was able to learn every position [on set]… and pretty much got a good idea of all the different equipment they use and things of that nature.” Practical and goal-oriented as always, Joe says, he’s already looking to eventually buy some of the equipment he got to see in action for his own JPac Productions back home. At the top of his list: the Red camera used to shoot But Deliver Us From Evil. “I loved it,” Joe says. “Of course they’re a little pricey, but they have the full rig, you know, the wireless focus and wireless monitors and all that, which is pretty cool.”

Said like a true filmmaker. We can’t wait to hear what’s next Joe! Congrats!



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